Helping a worthy cause in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Helping a worthy cause in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The children sing songs of praise towards the numerous Canadians, past and present, that have helped them.

The World Orphan Kids (WOK) orphanage in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is devoted to keeping children off the streets by giving them a place of security and education. This prevents children from potentially being recruited by the numerous illegal armed groups operating in the DRC or from falling into criminal activity. There are approximately 120 children who are taken care of during the day (food and education). During the night, they are placed with foster families in the surrounding areas as the orphanage has no bedding space. Most of the children lost their parents due to the violence in the DRC.

It is always a humbling experience to visit the orphanage. To see both the kids - poor and mostly destitute but trying to make a better life for themselves - as well as the dedicated organizers, teachers and class coordinators working hard to provide that future for the numerous children. The enthusiasm with which they sing song of praises towards the numerous Canadians, past and present, that have helped them, as well as the discipline and life skills they are being imparted by their mentors are something that you will never forget.

Canadian Forces members of Task Force DRC (TF DRC) under Operation Crocodile have supported this orphanage since 2013 and we see pictures and other reminders of them every time we visit the orphanage. Friends and families of members have often contributed personally to the cause as well.

The needs of the orphanage are ongoing and significant. This is where Boomer’s Legacy comes in. It has been a partner of TF DRC and of WOK for many years and allow for a much more significant contribution to the orphanage that TF DRCS’s members could ever on their own.

They have provided funds that allowed a new classroom and sanitation facilities to be built at the orphanage. More recently, they have been provided funds for the purchase of food, consumables and other sundry supplies that allow the orphanage staff to provide the necessities required by the children. After funding these supplies for the past six months, Boomer’s Legacy has just renewed their commitment for the next six months, which will keep the orphanage operations going and provide the necessities that these children so desperately need.

We are thankful to Boomer’s Legacy and to their contributors for their involvement to help us make a tangible difference in the lives of these Congolese children while we are deployed on Operation Crocodile, under the United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of the Congo (MONUSCO).  We hope to be able to continue this partnership for many years to come.

- LCol Philippe-André Genest


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