For our future

For our future

Boomer's Legacy gave support to this program in order to provide quality teaching materials.

The idea to form Yayasan Kampung Kids comes from a group of expatriates and Indonesian citizens in November 1999. They realized that in the heart of Kampung Pejaten Barat, South Jakarta, many children needed better nutrition. A pilot project called “The Pejaten Barat soup kitchen,” which legally became Yayasan Kampung Kids was founded.
Kampung Kids believes feeding hungry people to help them beat the poverty cycle is only the first step. By educating parents on health and hygiene and providing education to the children, Kampung Kids Programs build on one another to give poor families a real chance to create a better future.
The crew of HMCS WINNIPEG was made aware that the English Class Program, in which volunteer teachers run weekly classes for around 100 students, needed quality teaching materials. Boomer’s Legacy was quickly informed and provided $1,500 which was given to Mrs. Juliana Sitepu when 11 members visited Kampung Kids on September 2nd 2022.
The crew members, which included the ship’s captain Cdr Annick Fortin and the coxswain CPO1 Susan Frisby, visited both buildings that form the Kampung Kids community center. They met kids who were learning English and mathematics, shared crayons with kids to draw some pictures, and sang songs together.

Books offered by the Canadian Embassy families, were also brought to form the basis of a library.
When asked by Julianna why it is important to learn English, one young girl timidly answered “for our future.”

Boomer’s Legacy provides support to World Orphanage Kids

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