About Boomer's Legacy

Boomer’s Legacy is named after Corporal Andrew “Boomer” Eykelenboom, a dedicated soldier and a Canadian Armed Forces medic killed by a suicide bomber on August 11, 2006.

Andrew was committed to saving lives and helping the Afghan people realize freedom. His death was the catalyst to creating Boomer’s Legacy to help men and women in uniform make a positive difference in the lives of others. Andrew’s humanitarian spirit lives on through Boomer’s Legacy, committed to "Helping our Troops Help Others”.

“As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Boomer’s Legacy can help you make a difference in the communities you serve. Every idea is an opportunity to have a positive impact on both the lives of others, and your own. Anybody in the military can be a ‘Boomer’…” ~ Maureen Eykelenboom, founder of Boomer’s Legacy.

Goal of Boomer’s Legacy

The goal of Boomer’s Legacy is to empower all deployed Canadian Armed Forces soldiers, sailors, aviators and airwomen by raising and providing charitable funds, thus helping them to help others. In this way, they are able to carry on Andrew’s strongly felt desire to provide much needed humanitarian assistance to people wherever and whenever Canadian Armed Forces members are.

What We Do

We fund humanitarian initiatives with the goal of building local capacity to provide a lasting impact. Projects vary from helping a family, a school, a hospital or an area, to providing opportunities for women and improving health care or education conditions.

We raise awareness of our military’s efforts on deployed operations around the globe and raise funds for Boomer’s Legacy – money our soldiers can access to further help the people in communities where they serve. We do this by holding fundraising events and by giving presentations to schools and interested groups. Funds raised have been used for basic humanitarian needs, medical care, and education.

We Remember

In honour of Andrew and all who lost their lives in Afghanistan, we will remember. At every Boomer’s Legacy fundraising event, we acknowledge their sacrifice.

Each participant carries a biography card of a fallen soldier to inspire and motivate them to cycle harder, run faster, or walk longer. We honour all the Canadian Armed Forces members who gave their lives in service to Canada to ensure that they are never forgotten.

Visit the Canadian Virtual War Memorial: http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/remembrance/memorials/canadian-virtual-war-memorial