Boomer's Legacy Successes 2018-2019
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Boomer's Legacy Successes 2018-2019

Boomer's Legacy Successes

Project Trauma Support ($20,000)
Project Trauma Support is a residential, experiential program that addresses PTSD and Moral Injury in military members, veterans and first responders.  It is physician led, but very much peer driven.  Funding was requested to cover the cost of up to 4 applicants who were severely affected by PTSD and having serious suicidal ideation. 

The testimonials received to date attest to the value of the program.
“I am positive and grateful every day and all of my friends can’t believe the changes.  I am awake and alive and feel powerful and confident.  I am able to see things in a different light.  The world can be a happy place.”
“To say they saved me is the least I can say.  I now know that I have more tools to help me through this fight.”

Children Environment Education Program ($2,996.47)
CAF members on Op KOBOLD  requested funds to help build local capacity, spur environmental education, and have a lasting impact for the community of Pristina in Kosovo.  More specifically, funds were requested to purchase tree saplings.  This project provided an opportunity for children of different ethnic groups to demonstrate cooperation and unity.

Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs ($10,000)
$10,000 was provided to Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs to cover the cost of a dog for a member who had developed PTSD as a result of deployment. 

Medical Equipment Purchase – Ukraine ($9,496.30)
CAF members on OP Unifier requested funds to support the Military Hospital of the Western Operational Command in the Ukraine.  Three bladder scanners and four laptop computers were purchased to assist with the rehabilitation of combat veterans from the Security Forces of Ukraine, who served in the Joint Forces Operation area.

Project Romanian Rescue ($2,995)
Funding was both received and requested in support of this project.  Funds were used to assist street children in Romania.
Herowork ($20,000)
Hero Work is an innovative charity that has developed the “art of modern-day barn raising.”  They mobilize the community – dozens of companies and hundreds of volunteers – to come together and renovate charities in a very short period of time, obtaining donations of labour/materials.
$10,000 was provided in support of the Food Security Distribution Center.  Each year the center rescues food from grocery stores and distributes it to 50+ agencies, benefitting 35,000 people a month.  Despite this, there is still approximately 85,000 lbs of food waste a year.  To reduce waste, funds were used to build a processing kitchen so that food can be made into soups, stocks and preserves to be redistributed to schools, soup kitchens, churches, community centers and more.

$10,000 was provided to transform the Mustard Seed program into a Dignity Market.  The Mustard Seed program serves over 5000 people a month through the monthly food hamper program.  The Dignity Market will have the added feature of shopping helpers who can provide food information and referral services.

Singapore Children’s Society ($2,500)
HMCS Vancouver requested funding to support the Singapore Children’s Society, an organization that helps children with education, engagement in projects and programs as well as other counselling and family services.  The funds were used to support youth outreach programs such as camps. 

Hong Kong Kids4Kids ($2,500)
HMCS Vancouver requested funding to support Kids4Kids, an organization that supports literacy development and youth empowerment in Hong Kong.  The funds were used to provide low resourced schools with literacy development resources.

Hospice Maul Hale House ($10,000)
Hospice Maui Hale House is a palliative care facility for the grievously ill and their families.  The facility has a plot of land that they received as a donation.  The CAF members aboard the HMCS Ottawa requested and received funding to repurpose the land into a meditation garden for the hospice families as they begin to grieve the impending loss of a loved one in a healing and supportive environment.

Hoa Mai Orphanage ($10,000)
CAF members aboard the HMCS Calgary wanted to make a difference in Vietnam.  Funding was provided to: assist with repairs at a hospital; and organize a fun day for the children at the Orphanage.

Children Affected by Agent Orange ($10,000)
Funding was provided to HMCS Calgary to purchase:  clothes, shoes, hats, toys, meals, tables etc. for children affected by Agent Orange.

Gazebo Building Supplies ($20,000)
Military personnel from 19 Wing Comox partnered with the local Habitat for Humanity to build a small community of houses in order to provide affordable housing to 10 local families.  Funding was provided to support the building of a gazebo that would be situated in the center of the housing complex.  The gazebo serves as a focal point for the residents to congregate and socialize in as well as bring them closer together.

Princess Basma School – East Jerusalem ($2,700)
The Princess Basma School in East Jerusalem is the only school in that part of the city that accepts students with a disability.  CAF members on Operation Proteus were provided with funds to improve the library infrastructure and equipment at the school to address the accessibility concerns.
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